Hooray technology!

We haven’t received any voicemail in a few weeks. I got kind of lazy about looking for the indicator on the phone, but after awhile I just forgot to check. Today I heard the phone ring while I was… indisposed… and it turned out to be Lisa’s parents. Yet there was no message. Hmm, time to look into this. So I finally log into the Sunrocket account to check – ELEVEN FREAKIN’ MESSAGES!

Somehow the indicator got turned off, and we haven’t known about any of our messages going back to the middle of May. That included two notices from Whole Foods about the herbal extracts I ordered, a few from Lisa’s family, a couple from mine, among others. Ain’t technology grand?

Well, now I’ve set it up to e-mail and IM me when a message comes in – I looked for a smack me upside the head option, but couldn’t find it.

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