Holy crap – can’t think of witty title

Gates is stepping down. That’s right, the man himself is letting go of that crushing grip he has on the software development out in Redmond. I almost didn’t believe it, but Slashdot is already being flooded with lame jokes and pointless pretentions of intellect in response.

I’m not gleeful in the sense that I view Gates as an enemy; but after reading a recent article that pointed to him as one of the forces holding back the creative flow from Microsoft, I can’t help but feel good things will come of this.

One thought on “Holy crap – can’t think of witty title”

  1. Yeah, that slashback at slashdot was to be expected. Thats the part I dislike about the so called geek community – it’s blatant stupidity when it comes to old flame wars and the lack of a bigger picture. How cares about crappy versions of Office, when his money (formerly known as ‘our money’) saves lifes and changes the planet for good?

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