Crappy movie day

I don’t really have much to do today other than relax, so I was half tempted to throw up an open invite for anyone who wanted to drop by and accompany me in a day of bad TV and good alcohol. Then I thought maybe I could actually work on a few projects today, so I decided to fly solo instead. Rather than affording me the time and energy to… I don’t know… accomplish something, it just let me sit on my ass uncleansed until I finally broke down and headed over to Wendy’s and hour or so ago. In the meantime, SciFi is having one of their usual marathons.

Right now I’m watching that classic movie about the businessman who gets some scientists to clone prehistoric beasts in order to create a big park filled with the creatures – you know, for the kids. Anywho, the system crashes, power goes out, creatures get loose, and people lose heads and guts. That’s right, I’m talking ’bout Attack of the Sabretooth. What, you were thinking of something else? Sadly, this movie manages to make the “original” Sabretooth look like a quality flick – but maybe that’s just because it starred Sawyer (I just love those random, pre-Lost appearances).

Oh man, that was the absolute silliest death scene I’ve ever seen. The guy gets killed by a giant tooth from a sabretooth statue falling on his head (through his wide-open, screaming mouth). The thing looked like it was “rendered” in MS Paint. What an ending…

At least I got to start the day with some good, old-fashioned Bruce “Don’t Call Me Ash” Campbell. That’s a great way to get me pumped for the impending release of Brisco County, Jr. on DVD! And now, I am gifted with a Lorenzo Lamas film – what a country!

One thought on “Crappy movie day”

  1. You know what, I sat around and watched the same crap-tastic lineup you did. If I wasn’t in need of having maintenance show up to remove the wood and carpet (which they never did) I could have swung by possibly.

    Did you happen to catch SS Doomtrooper? By far the best sci-fi original I’ve seen in a while, and I’m not being sarcastic for once. It was the just the right blend of serious movie effort and crappily rendered nazi war monster. What better to watch on a Sunday?

    By the way, when Raptor Island started up and Lorenzo Lamas’ name came up, I burst out laughing. Aside from the Toxic Avenger head on the DVD case, I’m not sure a better stamp of quality exists in all of movie-dom.

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