And then we were one

Let’s see, what did I do this weekend?

Okay, seriously, I just can’t figure out how to write this entry. How do you blog about your own wedding? Talking about someone else’s is one thing, but trying to describe your own is just… well… futile. There’s no way I can capture all of the emotions that went into that day – and I wouldn’t want to try, either. These are things that I can only really share with Lisa, and talk about with people in person. Whatever I say here… it’s just a way of trying to mark the occasion.

I can tell you how Friday night was a wonderful dinner with family and friends that ended in a nigh disaster with the screwed up bill. I can tell you how perfectly Saturday started with all of my groomsmen showing up at my hotel room on time along with the photographer to capture those special “men getting dressed” moments. I can then go on to describe how much the pre-wedding moments dragged on as a realized that, not only were the women folk not ready on time, but the keyboardist for the ceremony was stuck in traffic. Perhaps the ensuing almost-breakdown would best be described by my sisters who bore the brunt of my subdued outbursts. Regardless, none of that mattered once the the keyboardist swept in just before Lisa walked down and the ceremony began with Lisa and I nearly crying once we finally saw each other.

The oppressive heat was hopefully just a minor inconvenience for our guests to bear for what seemed to be a short and sweet ceremony. Reverand Fox – who met us less than a month before – was perfect in his casual demeanor and big smile. And before we knew it, we were man and wife. For a more thorough description, you’ll just have to talk to me in person, or perhaps go through my co-worker Cindy’s entry for her magnificent photographs of the event.

As for the reception, everything they say is pretty muuch true. It goes by in a blur. There is not enough time to do everything and speak to everyone. We miss it already. There’s a certain sadness thinking that all of that buildup is over in an instant. I got to talk with all of my friends and relatives, and at least had greetings with most of Lisa’s side, but I needed a few more hours to fully enjoy it all. I don’t care how exhausted I was at the end, another 2 hours of dancing to keep everybody around would definitely have been worth it.

While I was against hiring a videographer (and forgot to press record on our own camcorder), there were a few moments I wish I could relive. Things like our first dance, the cake cutting, etc. I’m not sure that I could deal with hearing Mark’s speech again, as I was almost in tears halfway through his first sentence. You’re a great friend, Mark, and I’m happy that you took the time to get to know me. At least Cindy (my goodness, we probably should have just hired you) captured most of Lisa’s surprise duet with her father (well, I knew about it, but most of the guests didn’t):

The most meaningful part of the event has been the feedback from everybody. I have had so many people tell me how wonderful everything was, how beautiful we looked, how good the food tasted, how much fun they had. I love all of you guys, and I’m so happy that you could share our day with us. If I had the money, I’d do it all over again every year (with the same wonderful woman, of course).

We won’t be getting the professional photos for another month, but in the meantime we’ve been enjoying those from friends and family that have already rolled in (including Kris’s shot of our first dance uploaded on the spot). Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us. This is such a wonderful feeling, and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

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  1. Right back at ya, Thom 🙂
    The wedding was absolutely wonderful, and really made me glad that Eva and I chose a place with a gazebo for ours as well. The whole thing was amazing – even your dad teasing me at the bar :p
    I need to get my photos uploaded, pronto.

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