The Honeymoon, part 1 (O’ahu)

Alrighty, here we go. It’s time to give you guys the lowdown on the honeymoon. Since a full recap would just take way too long to write now, I will instead resort to everybody’s favorite cop-out: an outline. We drove over to Lisa’s parents’ apartment, who then drove us to the airport since they were going to use the minivan while we were away. We got there with plenty of time to shop for extra crap to bring with us on the trip. Oh you marketing geniuses at Newark… excuse me, Liberty International Airport.

This is longer than expected, so I’m actually breaking it up by island…

  • Monday, August 9 (Day 0)
    • The Flight – I was impressed at how smooth the nonstop out to Honolulu was. I was definitely nervous about being stuck on the plane for 10 hours, but it wasn’t a problem at all. Definitely recommend Continental – we even got two good (albeit small) meals. I just wish they had more than 3 House episodes playing.
    • The Arrival – Okay, my first suggestion to anyone heading out would be to get a car. Everything was fine at the airport, but those buses stop at EVERY hotel on the way to yours. It took us an hour to go 5-10 miles.
    • The Hotel – We stayed at the Sheraton Princess Wailusomethingorother… It was very nice, and we even got upgraded to an ocean AND city view!
    • The Dinner – Nothing special the first night. We just went to a sushi place across the street – oddly enough the only sushi we out while out there.
    • The Stroll – Waikiki Beach was quite beautiful even late at night. We definitely could have spent more time there. Plenty of cute shops right near that area, too.
    • The Sex – What the hell is wrong with you? You think I’m going to post about that stuff? Besides, just ask Jeff, no one that we know is actually having sex – it’s just inconceivable!
  • Tuesday, August 10 (Day 1)
    • Breakfast @ the Sheraton – We started off with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Ham, sausage, bacon – these people know their pig. Coconut syrup is great on… everything. And the fruit is so frikkin’ fresh! Oh, and the Kona coffee…. yuuuummmm!
    • Circle Island Bus – Well, the connections were easy to make, but man could you waste a lot of time thanks to the way it crawls through the city to start. We managed to hit three different spots along the path:
      • Dole Plantation – Much cooler than you might think. There’s a tropical plant garden, a huge maze (which we missed), pineapple cutting demonstrations, etc.
      • Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck – These shrimp trucks are all over the islands, but this one was strongly recommended to us. Probably the most garlic you will ever eat in your life – very delicious. Unfortunately, this is one of the incidences that make me think shrimp no longer agrees with my stomach (more on that later). I also had to run full speed right after eating in order to catch the bus – not pleasant (and I lost a battery in the process).
      • The Polynesian Cultural Center – I enjoyed this one more than Lisa. We got there pretty late, so we were limited in the demonstrations we could check out, but there were enough cool ones still going on. Plus we got to go see an IMAX movie about coral reefs and the big show at the end of the night (although I slept through much of it). It would have been nice to see more, but I don’t really feel like I missed much.
    • Wednesday, August 11 (Day 2)
      • Duke’s – I really wanted to eat at Duke’s, but since we got home late the night before it was relegated to breakfast instead of dinner. I’m fine with that – 5 bucks cheaper per person than the Sheraton, and the food was somehow even better.

    After all of that, we packed up and headed over to the airport for our flight to Maui. We would have done some shopping and whatnot in the morning, but that damn public transportation meant we had to leave with way too much time to spare for our flight. I’ll work on the next part tonight.

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