Goodbye youth

While many of you may realize that I’ve been hurtling towards my 30s at the speed of… time… most of you don’t know just how quickly that is. That sentence had so much potential that I want to weep at its demise. My point is that I just finished drinking away my 20s last night. Alright, I didn’t actually drink last night, but I did enough of it for the past decade that a night off doesn’t really change the overwhelming effect. As a matter of fact, I’ve already told Lisa that when our kids ask us why we can’t afford fancy things, I’m going to look them straight in the eye and say, “Daddy drank a lot in his 20s.” And if they question my response, I’ll have several years of credit card bills to back me up.

But I digress. I’m not ultra-secretive about my birthday, but being one who has never celebrated them I also don’t make a big deal about it. If you were to ask me when it is, I typically just respond September unless I’m pushed for further detail. In the past, friends find out about the occasion when we happen to be hanging out just after midnight on the 1st of September and I suddenly blurt out something like, “Oh wow, I just turned 24.” Of course I said that once – 6 years ago – but you get the idea.

This year – being the time of the big THREE-OH – I thought about doing something big. By that I mean actually getting some people together. But I am loathe to plan any such gathering, and so this evening approaches rapidly with little fanfare. Instead, Lisa and I will be hitting a furniture store, swinging by Chik-fil-A, and possibly going to see Invincible to get me even more pumped for the coming season. Tomorrow my parents are visiting so that my Mom can finally see our house. Sunday holds other gatherings followed by an empty Labor Day. Sadly, the weekend contains no plans for drunken tomfoolery with friends. If anyone is interested in said tomfoolery, perhaps something can be arranged…

Otherwise, I still hope to have people over for something at our house as some sort of housewarming/wedding/30th/3xth celebration for Lisa and I. Mayhaps October will bear better fruit (or even just later this month). In the meantime… HOLY CRAP, I’M 30! Where the hell did all that time fly?

6 thoughts on “Goodbye youth”

  1. Happy belated Birthday! You should have celebrated the passing of your twenties by rollerskating, too! It could be a new tradition, like drinking when you turn 21.

  2. Ah, damn, I knew it was your birthday the 1st but forgot to say anything. But happy belated anyway, and welcome to middle age (gasp!!!). Now you can concentrate on preserving those brain cells instead of DESTROYING them! And, of course, contributing to your future children’s college fund. Isn’t life fun?

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