Is Wired still published?

With such intelligent, well-thought out, and even-keeled writing as found in “The Day the Music Died”, is it any wonder that Wired fell out of relevance years ago? Are the people who work for that magazine so completely out of touch with the world of today? And yes, I find both sections of this “article” to be ridiculous.

But Jeph puts it best: “Of course, this guy isn’t a REAL journalist. I mean, he publishes articles on the INTERNET.”

(thanks to QCJeph)

One thought on “Is Wired still published?”

  1. 1. This dude is an idiot
    2. I have close to 2,000 songs on my work computer, and that’s with constant deletions/shuffling so I have at any given time, the songs that I listen to most often because I’m running out of space on the drive
    3. Even I have more than 9,000 songs in my music catalog, and I wouldn’t consider myself a collector by any stretch of the imagination
    4. “He’s sitting over there now, Mike Calore is, in front of his computer. His eyes haven’t left the screen for the past 20 minutes. I know this because I’ve been staring at him for that long.

    This is creeping me out.”
    Ew. Stalker freak.
    5. I don’t know enough about comic books to comment, but I’m sure he’s wrong. He was wrong about everything else.

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