Happy Whole Foods Day!

And a merry healthy eating season to all!

The day I’ve been counting down to for months has finally arrived. That’s right, the 55,000 square foot Whole Foods has opened across the street. You just can’t imagine how excited Lisa and I have been as we’ve watched this megastore be constructed, the workers hired, and the shelves stocked. Unless, of course, you too are dorky suburbanites with no lives. 😛

This weekend we were checking out the Whole Foods website to find out any details we could. We almost passed out from the thrill of finding out that it would open on November 1st – that’s today! There was even a preview party Monday night (which I sadly skipped, as Lisa was working late). But this morning I slipped in on my way to work; and let me tell you, I fell in love. I swear, I’m ready to sell our house and claim a corner as our new living quarters.

Tonight we’ll take a walk over for a deeper investigation. Hopefully I’ll even be able to provide some tasty photos of the mounds of fresh fish, perfectly stacked fruit, and deadly chocolate counters to make you all drool with envy – deliciously sinful envy!