Sometimes my gender makes me cringe

Driving into work today I paused on 92.3 Free FM (whatever the hell that means) as a couple guys were talking about childbirth. Specifically, they were talking about c-sections and how much better they seem than “traditional” childbirth (as they called it). Now, this wasn’t about the convenience, or anything, it was about their assumption that marriages lose the whole intimacy factor afterwards due to a woman… er… not quite going back to the right shape. And no, I’m not talking about stomachs. Yes, these men were honestly suggesting that c-sections were better because the mother and child can more easily recover from any complications due to that than his pleasure could recover from a “traditional” birth.

Sometimes I am truly embarrassed by other men. The number of times I hear supposed “ladies men” display utter ignorance about the most basic functions of a woman’s body is staggering. Not that I’m an expert… I’m just saying…

At least this morning’s Tyra Banks Showhad a bright spot. Oh crap, did I just admit that I was watching Tyra? In my defense, Fox is pretty much all we get with the current antenna. And further in my defense, I was just checking some DVDs and forgot to turn off the TV as I got ready for work. That’s why I accidentally left Tyra’s show about lingerie on – yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Anywho, they had a couple self-professed “panty experts” on (I’m hoping that they were self-professed, as I would hate to think there’s a certification for such things) who were trying to guess what underwear women walking by wore. And these guys weren’t just wrong, they showed they had zero clue about how women dress outside of their fantasies. Each time they assumed that the woman had on some sort of sexy underthing, when most of them were just wearing your typical plain cotton numbers. I enjoyed watching them act smug and cocky while the audience laughed at them, much as I’ve enjoyed watching egotistically guys try to hit on friends of mine ready and willing to crush their spirits.

I don’t normally rant about men. It’s not like I’m trying to score any brownie points, as most females in my life know I’m way too effeminate to ever be mistaken for a womanizer or misogynist. But I think I just needed to write something to clear my head of such stupidity.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes my gender makes me cringe”

  1. 92.3 Free FM (whatever the hell that means)

    It means they are scared of Sirius and XM, aka “pay radio”.

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