I’m sick. It’s not that bad, but I’ve got a terrible malaise about me. I wouldn’t be so upset, but this is supposed to be a good week for me. My company’s holiday party was yesterday, and I’ve got friend’s parties on Friday and Saturday night. Yesterday was difficult enough, as I couldn’t really mingle that much (and obviously couldn’t drink). I even left early! That is just not like me.

And now it’s obviously just rotting my brain as I’m not sure I’m even writing complete sentences at this point. But the sore throat is slowly starting to clear up, which gives me hope that maybe my weekend won’t be killed.

At least I’ve gotten the chance to sit on my ass on a week day and watch silly crap on TV…

4 thoughts on “Crap”

  1. Actually, my throat is starting to feel sore today, and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather since we hung out Monday. I’m planning to go home, chug a bottle of purple Robitussim, and watch hockey. Hopefully that fixes me in time for the weekend.

  2. Ugh, you can probably blame me. I first felt the sore throat late Monday night. I kind of thought it was just dehydration and all of the talking at first. Fortunately it hasn’t been that bad, but it sure is lingering.

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