No whining…

I was all set to write some rambling rant about how pissed off I was that Andy Reid quit on the team with 2 minutes left and ordered a punt when we needed to go for it. Alright, I just summarized my bitching there, but that’s all I’m going to do. I got my frustrations out on the Eagles’ Message Board, and I’m sure friends will hear all about it, too; but I’m not doing it here.

Instead I’ll just rave about what an awesome time I had hanging with my pals in the Hoboken Eagles Club. We packed around 160 screaming fans into only half of Mulligan’s (our usual back room had already been rented out for the night prior to the club moving there) and had a blast. Much like we have all season long. Here’s a big, hearty thank you to Sean from for organizing this each year and bringing all of us displaced fans together. You can check out his pictures from last night which, since he’s a way better blogger than I, are already up on flickr. If you squint, you might even be able to make me out in this one:

Cheering for the Eagles at Mulligan's

The end of this season makes me a little sad, because I’m just not sure if I can make the club next year. I’m hoping by then to have a better setup for the game here at home, and the half hour drive and subsequent search for parking can just be too much of a hassle sometimes. It’s not like I’ll never get to see any of my buddies there again, but it won’t be a regular habit. Just another part of my crazy 20s in Hoboken gets ready to be laid to rest.

Well, it’s time for me to prepare for life after football again… hey, isn’t the Bears game on?