Had a bad day

Yesterday was… let’s just say it was bad. I’m not foolish enough to post the problems of my work life on my blog for just anyone to read, but let’s just say that I felt like I got sucker punched yesterday. And it really hurt coming during a week when I really felt like I had patched up a lot of loose issues and moved forward. Fortunately I had already taken today as a personal day – of course that could be why I was already somewhat emotional.

Yesterday was also the third anniversary. As much as I might pretend that the loss doesn’t hurt as much, this time of year always brings it to the forefront. So today, Lisa and I are heading down to have lunch with my Mom and pay our respects at the cemetery.

Nothing overly dramatic. No wailing or gnashing of the teeth. Just getting together to talk about what’s going on. I definitely need some sort of release, so if I’m still not at ease by tonight, I fully expect the rest of that bottle of wine to disappear before bedtime.

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