It’s freakin’ cold

These are the days that Lisa acts as a mother to me. For some reason, I hate zipping my jacket shut despite the frigid temperatures. Actually, I know the reason – it makes it more difficult to reach things in my pocket. It’s not so much that I hate zipping my jacket as it is that I am too lazy to have to deal with unzipping and then re-zipping it whenever I pay for a cup of coffee. Yes, this is the type of laziness that one must plan out in advance.

I must admit that I’m enjoying a return to real winter weather. Nothing kills your optimism for the new year like watching An Inconvenient Truth (by the by, an incredible movie) and then walking outside in short-sleeved shirts in the middle of January. Oh no, global warming is totally a myth…

The real issue is the constant changes. When we used to have real winters up here, and the temperatures would somewhat gradually get colder until you just became accustomed to not feeling your extremities for months at a time, it wasn’t a big deal. Now we get spoiled by beach weather for a week only to have the temperature plunge down enough to freeze the vodka in your martini the instant you set it down in your car’s cup holder…

That’s enough to make me want to buy a fleet of SUVs and keep them running 24-7 around my house… But then I find out that adorable little penguins are disappearing all around the globe and I snap right back into my normal frame of mind and start forcing Escalades off the road and slashing the tires of Hummers…

2 thoughts on “It’s freakin’ cold”

  1. It was as recently as my Hoboken days (which overlapped largely with your Hoboken days) that I remember seeing six-foot-tall piles of snow when people and plows were done outside. Ah, snow… where have you gone?
    At this point, my next vacation may actually be to Vermont or somewhere just to enjoy some decent winter weather.

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