Random linkings

  • Go to this Man vs. Beast post over at Chris’s Invincible Super Blog. While enjoying the many humorous situations in which superheroes find themselves at odds with the animal kingdom, take special note of the third picture. Yes, that is in fact a zombie dolphin. Yes, they are riddling him with bullets. Yes, that comic looks beyond awesome.
  • Penny Arcade is having a fire sale! I might just need their tribute to punctuation on my person…
  • Going through old mail archives (a project of mine I will talk about later), I found a directory of Chris Pirillo‘s old Lockergnome newsletter – totally old school. Now it looks like Chris is getting the band back starting it up again. Plain text is the wave of the future!
  • Did you guys watch the big game match tournament last night? I know a lot of you only care about the commercials, so just go over to Youtube and make sure you didn’t miss any. I’ve got too many comments to really organize, so I’ll defer to Lang Whitaker as I agree with most of his comments (although I have to say that the Coke commericials were probably the best I’ve seen).
  • Sandbox may be just what I’m looking for to help me redesign this site. The entire Plaintext.org site looks pretty useful.
  • Speaking of this site, I did upgrade to WordPress 2.1 and it went very smoothly. And the new draft autosave feature has saved at least one post from my own carelessness so far.

Man, that really helped me clear some tabs. I’ve got to do that more frequently.

2 thoughts on “Random linkings”

  1. I like the one where Hulk backhands a deer. Classy.
    In other news, I’ve been eyeballing that same PA t-shirt. Let me know if you’re going to place an order, maybe we can save a little on shipping if we get stuff at the same time.

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