Boy oh boy

Has anyone else seen the commercials for Black Snake Moan? It’s the story of an older man who finds a young lady and chains her up in his house. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Seriously, that’s what the movie is about – at least according to the commercials. Checking out the trailer you’ll at least figure out that the girl has been sexually abused and the old blues man has chained her up in order to “git ‘er right wit’ God” or something. Still, when writing the story of a on black man in the South chaining up some half-naked white trash girl he finds on the side of the road, I’m not sure of any angle that actually makes it marketable.

Oh yeah, Samuel L. Jackson stars in it – that would be strike two. So does Justin Timberlake. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?!?! Who green lighted this thing?

For all I know, this is a brilliant dark comedy about racial tension and sexual abuse in the South. But right now there is no indication that anything but sheer insanity sent this film along its way.

P.S. The Black Keys are on the soundtrack and in the trailer – so that’s cool.

4 thoughts on “Boy oh boy”

  1. Based on the name and plotline, sounds like one of those porn flicks you find behind the swinging doors at the back of the video store.

    Not that I would know…..just saying.

  2. All you need now is some combination of Quaids and Buseys, and oscars, here we come!

    For what it’s worth, I’d go with Randy and Jake, respectively.

  3. From the review I saw on TV (Roeper with Kevin Smith), it’s actually pretty good. The woman in question is a screwed up nympho, who he finds on the side of the road. He chains her up to try to “fix” her. Over time they apparently develop a deep friendship. I don’t know. Weird.

  4. Every time I think Black Snake Moan might be worth seeing, I remember that Justin Timberlake is involved. I’ll grudgingly admit that I like his music better than the average pop star, but I’m trying hard not to support his forays into acting.

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