The weary travelers return

I totally expected to have 3 or 4 posts up since we returned Sunday night, but life picked up at an even faster pace than when I left it. But I always find the first post is the hardest to get up. Then the rest will all follow in their own glorious inanity.

As for the trip, it was a magnificent jaunt across way too many southern states. Since Lisa’s parents are snowbirds (you know, retired northeasternly types who fly south for the winter), we have a place to stay in Florida if we want. We went a couple years ago and decided it was time for another visit. But rather than fly, we wisely chose to drive over 3000 miles so that we could tack on some other stops.

First up was Alabama – which is much further away than you might expect. Not your typical vacation spot, but I’ve got a sister down there whom I’ve never had the chance to visit her house. So why not go the day after vicious tornadoes devastate the neighboring town? We certainly know how to plan! Believe it or not, ‘bama was very nice. Depressing when comparing real estate prices, but still very relaxing. Of course it’s also way too easy to make fun of, so I’ll just pass on that. While I would never do that drive again (thanks to bad weather, road construction, multiple traffic jams, and plenty of cops it took us about 20 hours), I will definitely look at alternative methods for the next trip. Like a transporter…

Florida was lovely, and we did a lot of the same things as last time – eating at buffets, touring model homes, and watching Lost. We sure know how to live it up. Actually, the big highlights were getting to visit the same camera shop as last time and spending time in two different wild life areas – both of which I’ll talk about later. I’m not a big Florida fan, but Delray Beach is a nice area and I enjoy the visits.

After all of the moving around, we decided to book two night at The Red Rocker Inn out near Asheville, NC to help us really wind down before heading home. And boy was it needed. I love the Asheville area and would move there in a heart beat if I had no ties to hold me here.

Believe it or not, it’s good to be back home. Does anybody else get paranoid that when they turn that last corner on the road back from vacation they’ll find a smoldering wreckage where their house once stood? That’s one reason I don’t always relax well on vacation. But it also feels good because I was rushing through so much at work and home just before we left, and now I can get back into the flow without feeling like there’s a deadline.

Alright, I’ve already written way too much about nothing, let me get to sleep…

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  1. The Red Rocker Inn? That’s not owned by Sammy Hagar is it? ‘Cos if it is I think I’d rather sleep in my car. Cabo Wabo indeed.

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