Tab clearance 2007-03-23

Let’s start with a roundup of kottke links and see what else we got:

Alright, I swear, no more links from kottke for today!

And although I’m trying to avoid politics on this site, I was impressed to read Brian Wood’s take on the generic “Do you support the troops” question. Khaleed’s take is even more in line with my own feelings, as my answer has clearly changed after the last year or so as I’ve re-evaluated the situation. For those of you who would balk at a contrary response, I have a little story. A student at the school my wife teaches at joined one of the branches of the military (I forget which one, and don’t really care) so he could head out to Iraq. His goal wasn’t to “save freedom” or “promote democracy”. No, he wanted to become a sniper so that he could kill people. So I ask you, do you support him?

4 thoughts on “Tab clearance 2007-03-23”

  1. I got 48 states and 84 countries. Nice symmetry there.

    But then, I was singing Yakko’s Countries Of The World song the entire time. I missed about 10 more on spelling errors… I’m looking in your direction Liechtenstein

  2. That’s a great article on the “support the troops” fracas, and not too far off the “do you hate America?” rhetoric.
    I’ve always thought of loving America in the same was a loving your kids; you don’t necessarily have to give them a free pass on everything they do, and (constructive) criticism and a little discipline are part of the job. Just because I scold or ground my kid for bringing home an F doesn’t mean I don’t love them; it means I know they can do better, and expect them to in the future.
    I love this country; I’m just sickened at some of the things we’ve been responsible for throughout history, and the direction things are going in domestically (especially since, oh, 9/11.) As a nation, we can do much better, but we don’t. It’s just sad that trying to point that out is the equivalent of “omg you must want Saddam and bin Laden to win” these days.

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