YARGH! Perhaps this will be the year of MISSED concerts

Snow Patrol, OK GO, and Silversun Pickups all at the same venue? No problem! Except both nights sold out before I even heard about it. I debated about the Philly show, but I was just too lazy.

Well, what about the Klaxons? That show should rock. Too bad it sold out before I heard about it.

Hey, maybe Robyn Hitchcock is touring again – I stupidly missed him at Maxwell’s last year, and I am dying to see him live. Alright, two nights at the Knitting Factory! Of course, that would have been more useful if I found out more than 50 minutes before the second night.

I completely missed out on the 5 nights of Arcade Fire in February, but I know they’ll be hitting New York City for their full tour. And tickets don’t go on sale until 10 AM March 30th… Aw crap. I even knew about that in advance, but was stuck in my car at the time. Even the Philly show was sold out. But now they’ve added a third NYC show – at Radio City Music Hall! And it’s already sold out…

I can’t miss out on three nights of the Cold War Kids in April or three nights of Beirut in May, can I? Well, if they’re all sold out already I can…

So I’m like 1 for 20 so far this year. That’s a great average. At this point I’ve got to list my MUST SEE shows and order tickets ASAP:

4/6 – Low @ Webster Hall ($20) – Saw them last year, but would love to see them again.
4/14 – The French Kicks @ Maxwell’s ($12) – Can I really make it after the wedding?
4/14 – Calla & Dirty on Purpose @ Bowery Ballroom ($15) – Not sure if I can make either, but now I’ve got a tough choice.
4/17 – Art Brut @ Bowery Ballroom ($16) – My sister says they are awesome live.
4/19 – Balkan Beat Box & Golem ($15) – Alright, now I’m just getting overly ambitious.
4/25 – Faithless @ Webster Hall ($35) – The price is a little steep, but I’ve been needing a good techno show.
4/28 – Dean & Britta @ Maxwell’s ($15) – Luna was always amazing at Maxwell’s.
4/29 – Yo La Tengo @ Webster Hall ($25) – It’s been too long…
5/1 & 5/2 – Peter, Bjorn & John @ Webster Hall ($20) – I wish the new album would hit eMusic.
5/5 – Brightblack Morning Mountain @ Mercury Lounge ($13) – This could be absolutely mesmerizing or dull as all get out.
5/5 – Ted Leo + the Pharmacists @ Webster Hall ($19) – Probably a better bet this night.
5/8 – Blonde Redhead @ Webster Hall ($22) – These guys are just crazy.
5/10 – Sloan @ Maxwell’s ($20) – No way am I missing this one!
5/13 – The Album Leaf @ Bowery Ballroom ($15) – Saw them open for Sigur Ros years ago.
5/28 & 5/29 – The National @ Bowery Ballroom ($18) – Two nights are already sold out. I’ve been listening to them like crazy lately.
5/29 & 5/30 The Bravery @ Irving Plaza ($20) – Do I risk their next album not being a sophomore slump?
6/8 – Joss Stone & Common @ Summerstage ($37.50) – On sale tomorrow morning…
6/15 – Voxtrot @ Webster Hall ($18) – I wish they had more music out.
7/24 – John Mayer & Ben Folds @ PNC Bank Arts Center – I got sick and missed the show Lisa and I had tickets for. But with Ben Freakin’ Folds there, how can I miss?
8/5 – The Police @ Giants Stadium – Holy carp! I’ve already got tickets!
8/9 – Daft Punk @ Coney Island ($47.50) – That’s a lot of money, but did you see their performance at Coachella last year? LEGENDARY!

Alright, that’s way too many then I expected. The MUST SEES are Sloan, Yo La Tengo, Joss Stone, and (obviously) The Police. We’ll see how many others I can actually make it to. If you’re interested in any of them, let me know. Companionship makes it much easier to be an indie geek.

3 thoughts on “YARGH! Perhaps this will be the year of MISSED concerts”

  1. OOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOOO Daft Punk! Must go. Absolutely. When do they go on sale?

    Ted Leo and Sloan sound like definite maybes for us. Jeff and I will discuss tonight.

    Oh, and if you’re interested, I just got a pre-presale pre-tour tour notice for TMBG on 5/16 at Joe’s Pub.

    I know how you feel about the whole missed tickets thing. There was no way in hell I was missing Klaxons, so I just overpaid on eBay, but I consider it money well spent.

  2. I’m inexplicably on this Daft Punk craving recently, so that show is looking very inviting – provided I’m not trying to close on a house at the time :p

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