Viva Atlantic City

Last minute combine bachelor/bachelorette party plans for friends of mine getting married this weekend led us to a whirlwind trip down to Atlantic City – you know, the standard destination for all whirlwind-type trips for people in the Jersey/NYC/Philly area. Oddly enough, having lived in North Jersey basically since ’95 I had never been to AC until maybe 3 years ago. And this was like my 4th trip.

But this was my first trip with a big group of people (we started with 13 – what better number to bring for gambling). And after an awesome dinner at the Irish Pub (yes, awesome even though my stomach woes forced me to order the chop-chop salad rather than the Guinness beef stew), a few people ditched out and the rest of us hit the slots for a night of losing money one nickel at a time.

I did play this kickass sheep game for awhile. After dropping my 20 bucks to under 5 in about 10 minutes, I managed to unlock some magical Sheep-Tac-Toe bonus round. To everyone’s delight I played against the machine trying to place my “O” sheep against its “X” sheep. And the machine kept drawing blanks – to the effect that I ended up taking 8 of the 9 squares. I was pretty psyched thinking I probably would bring myself back up to my 20 dollar beginnings. Instead, it tallied up all of the bonuses and I suddenly found myself with over a hundred bucks! W00t indeed! Hey, that’s big winnings around these parts.

I managed to take it up over $120 and then slowly whittled it back down to $100 over the rest of the evening. That would have been much more exciting if the Woman hadn’t run down her bankroll by the time we left – then again, it’s amazing that she was able to make her money last as long as she did. She was about as even as you could possibly hope for during a night of slots.

Oh yeah, the man-of-the-hour managed to bring home a decent chunk on the roulette table by playing birthdays and the upcoming wedding date. But he didn’t get to use sheep (at least that I’m aware of), so my plus 80 was way cooler. That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

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