Cole Alexander

The most important function of this blog is keeping track of nephews and nieces. If only I had this thing back when the oldest of the next generation was born, I’d have a clue as to how old Jack is… I’m kidding, of course, he’s like 23 or 12 or something… I don’t know, the point is that I’m still a lot bigger then him…

Believe it or not, only a quarter of the way through this year and I’m already announcing the birth of another child in my family. Please welcome to this very loud world Cole Alexander Jackson:

It took a few hours of waiting, but he eventually proved that he does have eyes:

I was lucky enough to receive the first hosing down after his circumcision, which I’m sure means I am blessed in certain cultures. In mine it means that I was walking around with a dirty shirt for the rest of the day. I forgive him at this point, because that’s about all a baby can do to amuse himself a day into life (he was born this past Saturday), but this post will help remind me so that I can embarrass him when he starts dating.

To help get my stock as coolest uncle back up, I better rectify the lack of Lily-Anne-centric photos, so check out how big the little beauty has gotten:

Hey, at least I didn’t post the drunk baby ones… Alright, here’s another cute one with here mom:

UPDATE: ARGH! I screwed up the new photo plug-in. Photos will be fixed tonight!

UPDATE: It looks like I got this working now.

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  1. I once knew a guy in his early 20’s who actually asked, “how many days before their eyes open?”

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