A war of concession

This afternoon I was mopping up some of the excess water in the basement to keep things dry. An hour later I had the wet/dry vac working again to try to keep up the pace. Not much later I had abandoned the back portion, safe in the knowledge that nothing worthwhile could get wet. Eventually, the Woman and I were clearing the remaining cardboard boxes out of the tiled area which was finally being overrun. By late evening I found myself standing in the only dry area, fighting to save the appliances from the water surging from yet another new angle. As the slop sink began to back up from the excess sediment being picked up with the water I realized there was nothing left to concede.

So everything is off the floors, electrical cords are safely propped on high, random pieces of cardboard have been thrown down for absorption and I’m nursing some bruised muscles and pride. All I can do is hope the dehumidifiers at least keep the air a little dry and cringe at the thought of vacuuming up half an inch of water in the morning. It’s pretty amazing that the wettest day in 30 years happens just over a year of living in our house that has drainage problems.

And yes, I’ve spent plenty of time today reading about sump pumps and how to install them. That sledgehammer isn’t going to swing itself, you know…

3 thoughts on “A war of concession”

  1. Uck, I’m sorry. So far we’re dry, but the river a few blocks away is getting scarily high.


    Hopefully it won’t get worse for you guys.

  2. I suppose one of the few blessings of living in a faceless, soulless housing development is the lack of streams or rivers to cause us problems. Good luck staying dry.

  3. I’ve been checking basement sealing materials, a coworker recommended Thompson’s basement sealer, but I don’t know if it works on unpainted walls only… I can’t quite remember, are your basement walls painted? I remember admiring your wine fridge more than paying attention to the walls when I’m down there 🙂

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