Is Michelle Pfeiffer a good actress?

Is this a weird topic? Of course it is. But dammit, I’ve got some Pat Benatar blasting in the office, and I need to know. So, tell me: is Michelle Pfeiffer a good actress?

In his The Ten Worst Superhero Movies of All Time, Jess had the audacity to claim that Miss Pfeiffer can’t act. Bah! some people were wont to exclaim. She is dynamic! Well, in reality these were comments on a blog, so they were mostly, “You must be f’ing retarded!” I was torn on whose side to take: on one hand you have typical, mindless, Internet trolls and on the other you have a guy willing to trash Shaq Diesel’s performance in the epic Steel.

Granted, listing Grease 2 as an argument against her acting prowess is like trying to trash De Niro’s career for Rocky and Bullwinkle, but is it merely an exception or the rule? These are the questions that keep me awake at night, people!

As I scrolled down the list of the rollicky catwoman’s movies, I suddenly came to a realization – she really hasn’t done anything. I mean, she’s made a few films to receive notice, but outside of looking hot in black vinyl, I can’t recall anything worthwhile she’s done. Should I be calling her out as a hack, or does she get a passing grade for her looks, the crowd-pleasing “Ladyhawke”, and a bit part in the classic “Amazon Women on the Moon”? Please, I need answers!

7 thoughts on “Is Michelle Pfeiffer a good actress?”

  1. I enjoyed her in The Fabulous Baker Boys. She was also good in Batman Returns, I don’t care what anyone says.

    What’s “Greece 2” anyway, the sequel to 300?

  2. its true that just about every movie she has done since 1993 has been mediocre or down right crap, but she always gives wonderful performances and gets great reviews.

    she was wonderul in Scorsese’s Age of Innocence, Dangerous Liaisons, Married to the mob. I think she is one of the most versatile actresses, she can carry a tune(fabulous baker boys, prince of egypt and Hairspray) she can do comedy(married to the mob) and shes always great at drama.

    she has hurt her career by turning down ALOT of great roles in movies like Silence of the Lambs, Thelma and Louise, Basic Instinct, but I digress.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of her work myself, but I guess that comes through in my mini-review of Batman Returns. I guess I’d lump her in there with Meg Ryan — not offensively bad or anything, just not all that compelling.

    That’s just me, though.

  4. Meg Ryan’s a good comparison, although she definitely annoys me. Plus, Pfeiffer is way more pleasing on the eyes.

    I think I need to start some polls or something.

  5. I’ve never disliked Michelle Pfeiffer in a movie, even when the movie is shit. She seems to make bad career choices, but I think she’s pretty talented and elevates most of the bad roles that she takes.

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