Tab clearance 2007-05-13

Before my tabs just explode, let’s see what goodies are out there.

4 thoughts on “Tab clearance 2007-05-13”

  1. The so called riddles are stupid. First, there are no preconditions to the second question. He uses the article “a” rather than “the,” which would indicate that there is only one refrigerator. “A” gives no such indication as to whether there is only one or say 8 lined up in a row, such as in a showroom at Sears.

    If we are supposed to assume that a normal sized adult giraffe can fit in a fridge (and it cannot) then the assumption that there is more than one refrigerator is far from unrealistic. Hell, it is blatantly more realistic than believing that a giraffe can fit in a fridge.

    And that’s not even if we consider that they are figurines or stuffed animals. Perhaps both figurines could fit side by side. Fridges are big

    I loathe poorly thought out riddles that somehow are supposed to prove that you think “correctly.” Whoever wrote that up is a self congratulatory idiot.

  2. Whoa, tell me what you really think. Personally, I just find them, as I said, a fun exercise in logic – a way to make yourself realize that sometimes the most simple answer is what you’re looking for.

    Then again, I’m not a fan of most riddles as I’ve seen too many that use very convoluted logic to reach a ridiculous answer.

  3. I only like logic puzzles when they are actually logical.

    And you know how I hold my opinions in 😉

  4. The hell? The first three riddles assume that animals don’t move on their own. I have two puppies I can point to as evidence to the contrary :p

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