Will call sucks

So it turns out that I had some sort of flu. I say “some sort of” because I have difficulty believing that’s what it was even though everything points in that direction. My head was swimming for a few days and that was it – I guess I expected something more dramatic. Although Saturday night’s experience was bad enough, thank you very much. But the rest of the time was just me avoiding too much work and drinking plenty of fluids. Sounds like an average day for me…

What pisses me off is that I couldn’t make it to see The National and The Broken West Monday night. Fortunately I’m only out about 50 bucks, but thanks to the crappy rules of will call there’s no way I could have sold the tickets. Thankfully everything went south before I even had a chance to find people to take the 2 extras I had, because it would have been extra sucky to screw someone else out of the show at the same time. Argh! And to top it off, The National are still playing 2 more shows, but they’re sold out – and me listening to their latest album is easing the pain either.

Anywho, I’m back on my feet and hopefully ready to return to my serious blogging career. I hear I was in a wedding in Ohio or something…

2 thoughts on “Will call sucks”

  1. I heard this wedding rumor as well 🙂 Glad to hear you’re feeling better; I’m hoping my allergies settle down after my little outbreak today.

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