Tab clearance 2007-06-12

Wow, I’ve had a lot of tabs open for a couple of weeks – let’s go through this crap and get it out of the way:

That sure does clear up my browser!

6 thoughts on “Tab clearance 2007-06-12”

  1. Yea, that NyQuil story doesn’t surprise me. I had to fill out my information for a single box of sudafed last time I was really sick. It sucks, now they’re making medicines that are a fraction as efficient as they used to be, in an effort to curb meth production. Which isn’t to say that trying to curb meth isn’t a good idea, but when you figure that the same crowd has probably found 3 other things to get addicted to in the time it took to enfore Sudafed sales… it all seems kind of pointless.

  2. The whole meth thing is fucking stupid. First off, they don’t track that information between various stores, so any enterprising meth-head is going to get it that way. Second, if you are dumb enough to make and/or take meth, then you get what you deserve when you die. I simply don’t understand the drug laws in this country.

    As for fashion, I think people need to take more risks, overall. They usually end up being awesome. Oh, and I envy this guy’s hoodie. That’s just screaming my name. I’ve gotten a lot bolder in my clothing choices since I lost weight and I think I’ve gotten to a point where I have a healthy balance of nerd, fashionista, and goth in my overall wardrobe choices.

    Just remember what Homer says about Hawaiian shirts.

  3. “if you are dumb enough to make and/or take meth, then you get what you deserve when you die.”

    It would be nice if it would end there, without a gaggle of lawyers coming out of the woodwork to sue Walgreens or whoever. :/

  4. I thought I did great with a score of 924,000+ on the typing test until I saw scores above 3 million. Jaysus, those are some serious keyboarders!

  5. @mizerychick – It’s funny, but I’ve been importing all of these old photos to sort through recently and I came across some from a few parties years ago. When I saw what you were wearing I thought, “I couldn’t even imagine her wearing that these days.”

    It took me a long time to stop wearing my long black overcoat 8 months of the year and bring out my inner orange.

  6. @Thom – yeah, it’s easy to gauge how poor/tired/fat/stressed I am by what I’m wearing at any given moment. College was the nexus of all that and I have a ton of clothes from those years that I’ve been slowly removing from my house. I always hated what I wore, but never felt like I could wear anything else.

    @Mark – well then the problem exists with the lawyers, not the sale of the legal drugs.

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