So I’m watching Revenge of the Nerds. And it’s my first time. And I’m laughing all the way through. I can’t believe I actually find this thing hysterical at this point in my life.

After Jess confessed his shortcomings as a movie buff, I should probably come clean, too. I missed out on a lot of R-rated movies from the 80s and early 90s. Comedies, dramas, horror films you name it. It was years before I saw the first Die Hard or Beverly Hills Cop. I didn’t become a big fan of Halloween and Poltergeist until the umpteenth sequel had already destroyed those franchises.

The problem is, I didn’t get to see them as a kid, and pretty much lost interest as an adult. Sure, I saw Top Gun back when it was almost relevant, but do I really need to go back and watch Days of Thunder or Cocktail to realize what a crapfest Tom Cruise’s career really is? Can I really be intrigued by the mysteries of Jagged Edge or Basic Instinct at this point?

Of course there are plenty of gaps in my knowledge of classic cinema, but eventually I also need to catch up with the quality films that I missed during my own lifetime (such as Silence of the Lambs or Schindler’s List). But I’m still caught off guard when I randomly catch a movie like Trading Places and find out it’s still damn funny.

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  1. Revenge of the Nerds is awesome, and still holds up despite the rather broad humor. And I know the words to the Nerds Rap by heart.

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