I made yet another rare appearance at an honest-to-god movie theater along with The Woman and a couple of friends. What film could possibly drag me into such overpriced entertainment again? Why The Simpsons Movie, of course. And the verdict? Holy crap, they pulled it off. I laughed almost nonstop for most of the movie. It had the feel of a great episode from the late nineties, rather than the crap we’re used to these days. But beyond that, it had the feel of a real movie – not just a couple episodes crammed together. If there was anything to be disappointed by, it would be not enough screen time for some of the supporting characters – at least they were all there.

And while I don’t agree with Dave Winer’s take on the movie, I have to agree with his sentiment on the movie going experience overall. Once I can afford to setup a true HD home theater system, how likely am I to bother with paying for a substandard movie theater experience? Last night wasn’t too bad, but the emptiness of the showing helped a great deal. I’ve had too many experiences with obnoxious audiences to fall for the idea that seeing it with a large crowd was a positive.


  1. I don’t know… I’m still a big fan of the actual movie-going experience. I would have my HDTV’s babies, but there’s something to be said for the huge awesomeness of 300 on the really big screen- grain, cigarette burns and all.

    Until the theater-to-DVD time gets cut down to something more resembling zero for movies I actually want to see, I’m a Regal Theater junkie. FREE POPCORN TUESDAYS, BABY!

  2. I don’t understand why so many people are complaining about the movie, but then, I also don’t get how people could complain that there was no chemistry at The Police concert last night.

  3. @Kristen – I’ll admit that there are still those releases that need to be on a 480 inch screen (like 300). But most of the time I’m willing to wait the few months for a movie to hit DVD – it’s not like it used to be when you had to wait like a year for it to be available for rent.

    @mizery – I can’t believe all of the negative reviews either. And people gave bad reviews for that concert? Who? They should not be allowed to see live music ever again.

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