The story so far…

Hey, remember that game show I tried out for? You know, the one that accepted me into their contestant pool and then never called for a year? Well, they called. They called at the beginning of July, in fact. I was too nervous to tell anyone because I didn’t want to jinx myself. Lame? Of course. But you guys aren’t the ones who have to worry about jinxes!

So I’m not going to apologize for going AWOL from posting the last week and a half (as that would be even more lame), but I am offering this up for people who didn’t know as an explanation of why I haven’t exactly been myself lately. The impending doom humiliation great opportunity has preoccupied my mind for almost two months now. It’s amazing that I can even tie my shoes let alone operate heavy machinery…

Last week was the worst, as Thursday was to be my taping. I managed not to throw up in ABC’s studios, but I also managed not to get on TV… yet. I was one of the last contestants called down at the end of the day – which was right before they went on a 2 week break. So now I have a small reprieve to study more, and then I’ll get my chance to blow a question like “What planet do we live on?” or “What’s your middle name?” in front of a national audience. W00T!

If you hadn’t already heard this news, don’t feel bad. Aside from my family and a few potential phone-a-friend candidates, very few people knew. And since the episode probably won’t air until January, I won’t be giving you any updates on what actually happened until then. But when it does air, there shall be a celebration never before seen at our household. One involving an assortment of soda and/or pie. You sure don’t want to miss that…

7 thoughts on “The story so far…”

  1. Just in case you don’t see the comment on LJ’s feed: That’s terrific! Cheering for you. 🙂

  2. @Martha – Thanks for commenting here. I don’t see the ones on LJ and, unfortunately, they won’t turn them off.

    @Chris – I’d love to see them, not sure about Lisa. Where in Philly?

  3. This is very cool. You better let us know when it airs, and how can you not tell us how you did until then? Besides, if you have so much as a teensy change in lifestyle as a result of your new-found wealth, we’re gonna figure it out. Well, maybe I won’t know directly, but my spies where you work will let me know (and if you quit, I’ll know you won big).

  4. Wow! Awesome! Feel free to call me with questions regarding 15th century courtly hat fashions of the Luxembourgian court — it was my major in college!

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