Fine, I won’t link to you

I was all set to link to an adorable collection of really cute Guinea Pigs. But, apparently, the person doesn’t want me to link to them. Or maybe Flickr doesn’t. Either way there’s some stupid spaceball.gif image that sits on top of the photos to prevent me from just posting a quick photo with a link back to their page without jumping through the hoops of Flickr’s horrid “Blog This” interface (which, of course, wiped out my post).

Yeah, I could easily work around it. All it really takes is a quick click in Adblock and spaceball.gif will never bother me again. But why make it difficult for me to just use my archaic HTML skillz? You don’t want me to download the photo directly? Hate to break it to you, but my computer did that automatically – it’s called browsing the web…

The person got traffic from Cute Overload anyway, but I’ve lost interest in going back to see the photos again. I’ve got my own adorable little blob to go home to and watch devour basil leaves (yes, I’m talking about Shadow – what’s wrong with you?). Sometimes I just don’t get the Internet – if you don’t want to share, then just hide everything…

One thought on “Fine, I won’t link to you”

  1. Yeah, I’m all for sharing. But I can understand because some people take images and claim them as their own, which can be annoying.

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