I may be a wanted man…

If you want to leave a car parked in front of our house overnight, you have to call the cops. We have a two car driveway, so it’s typically not a problem. But sometimes one of us will leave a car in the street until the other gets home based upon exit strategies for the following morning. And occasionally, we are just a tad too forgetful and a car sits out in no man’s land all night.

A recent bout of forgetfulness landed me a ticket. Nevermind the fact that there is something truly disgusting about a township charging you $35 for leaving your car in front of your house when they will also turn around and charge you even more in taxes if you expand your driveway to fit said car. Nevermind that, I was willing to pay the ticket. Except I didn’t know about it for awhile because it blew off of my car. So I get notice that I need to pay $45 now for my lack of clairvoyance, and do so by the 25th – they’ll even provide me with a nice website where I can pay. And if only it worked, I might have actually paid my ticket on time.

Now, according to the notice I have, they may have issued a warrant for my arrest. There’s part of me that wants to not pay the ticket to see if they’ll come for me. Wouldn’t that be marvelous? I could change the tagline for this site to “That guy who got arrested for parking in front of his house”…

4 thoughts on “I may be a wanted man…”

  1. nice.

    you live on such a busy street too, i can see how it would be a problem. (crazy!)

  2. Awesome. Jersey City had a warrant out for my arrest about five years ago when I got ticketed on the light rail for the horrible crime of drugged up (it was after I almost died at Anne’s wedding and I was on heavy drugs for about a month afterwards) stupidity. Except I thought Jeff paid it and he thought I paid it and right around my birthday I found out I was wanted.

    So then I tried to pay that off, but apparently it takes like 8 days for something mailed in Jersey City to actually get to Jersey City’s Courthouse, so that was an interesting week.

    They won’t come after you, but if you get pulled over by a cop, you’ll be arrested on the spot. Which = ouch.

  3. I wondered how they handled that. I mean, they know where I live – it wouldn’t take much to catch me. They could leave a box of Chick-fil-A nuggets on my front steps and jump me when I step outside…

  4. Knowing the authorities have their eye on you will help me sleep better at night the next time I read about some convist escaping prison because they let him take out the garbage unsupervised.

    Reminds me of the time I got towed because Iparked next to all the other cars that were parked by a green and yellow “no parking” sign on a green dumpster (not even on a pole or some permanent object.) Remember when I needed you to drive me to Tonelle Ave so I could pay the scankiest man I’ve ever seen over $100?

    Ah, good times…

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