The day, it has come…

Coming to a TV set near you: ME!

Turns out, my episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire will be airing next week. That’s right, you too can find out whether or not I make a complete fool of myself by tuning into ABC at 12:30 PM on Wednesday, December 12th (well, that’s if you’re in this area – otherwise you’ve got to check the listings yourself).

I know there was mention of a party, but I don’t think we can pull it off this month. So we’ll probably look at a celebration after the holidays – maybe when the money comes in we can take turns rolling in a pile of singles or something. If anyone wants to swing by that night to watch it with us, drop us a line – or e-mail or whatever. Or just show up – we’re not picky.

Also of interest are the shows leading up to mine. Starting around this upcoming Wednesday will be episodes that we saw being taped, including people I hung out with all day in the “Green Room”. And since The Woman was stuck in the audience all day long, she’ll probably make a blurry appearance in the background on most of them. Can you feel the excitement?!?!

7 thoughts on “The day, it has come…”

  1. SO, the writer’s strike has a benefit too…

    Did you guys find a sweater and some little (as in toddler, not sexy-revealing) underwear after your party? We left them at Rich and Amanda’s after staying over night there, and they brought them to your party to return to us, but we didn’t actually have them leaving your party…

    well, you get the idea.

  2. I hope you did well, we’ll be DVRing it for replay at the party on Dec 15.

    Though judging by the electronic billboard you got to replace your TV, I’ll guess you did.

  3. @Joe – yes, we have that bag. I forgot to e-mail you about it. We’ll bring it along to the next gathering.

    @clever-title – Did you guys send out info for the par-tay yet? We were trying to remember when it was supposed to be. And I just wish they filmed it in Hi-Def so that I could the TV better for watching it.

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