Meet the new me… the same as the old me…

Supposedly I care about my looks, but my sheer laziness constantly interferes. That would explain why I get a haircut maybe twice a year and shave once or twice a week these days. At this point, my friends probably barely even notice when I show up looking shaggier or cleaner-cut than before because they can’t keep track of my “style”. Not that I can either.

The past few weeks I entered full-blown Grizzly Adams mode. It was cool for a bit, but eventually it gets irritating. Especially when I got a head cold and the weight of my hair actually contributed to the weight of the mucus in my head. Plus the beard can get itchy…

CRW_2551I finally decided it was time to “lighten the load” and let The Woman go to town with a pair of scissors. This may be one of the final photos of my beautiful locks as I really plan on keeping clean cut these days. As long as The Woman agrees to continue as my barber, this might actually last beyond 3 months.

CRW_2605The result of my wife’s not-so-hidden talent can be seen here. I had to go with the haircut first, because shaving the beard makes me look ridiculous with my pseudo-70s ‘do in full effect. As much as I like it, I have to admit that I almost regretted the decision as soon as the first cut was made. Seriously, can I really pull off the polyester jacket and aviator sunglass look with short hair?

CRW_2674And here I am ready to face the new year with a new look. When I get the chance, new contact lenses will be added to complete. Yeah, thrilling isn’t it? Hey, you’re the ones reading this site, what exactly did you expect?

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  1. Please present your membership card to the Beard Society of America so I can tear it up and throw it at your feet. Traitor.

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