Bad timing indeed…

I tend to come in later than most at work because I tend to work later than most. Unfortunately, since my schedule is a little different I am often at odds with that of other people. With regular frequency I would find the kitchen being cleaned when I was in dire need of my first cup of coffee.

Now I’m trying to shift into an earlier schedule. That means the kitchen is still open and available for a jolt of caffeine first thing. Unfortunately, I now find the men’s room is being cleaned when I’m… er… done with my morning beverage.

It seems that this timing thing still needs some work, as I’m stuck with two painful options: waiting for that first cup of coffee or waiting to get rid of it…

5 thoughts on “Bad timing indeed…”

  1. i know how you feel….ishmael usually cleans the mens room around 330-400 here….just in time for breakfast and lunch to start the racing!

  2. Oh now that one is a slow burning joke… I didn’t laugh when I first saw it, but after it was finished, I couldn’t stop.

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