Am I the only one?

Seriously, am I the only one with virtually no interest in the latest adventures of Indy? I’m sure it made a crapload (damn you spellcheck – that is a word!) of money, and people will continue to fall over themselves to get to theaters whether the reviews are good, bad, or tepid; but the commercials and trailers leave me totally apathetic. The presence of the horrendous Shia LaBeouf certainly doesn’t help, but that’s not the only problem.

Maybe I should just get this out of my system right now – is Indiana Jones really that great? The first one? Absolutely! The third one? Pretty awesome! The second one? Ugh. The entire trilogy was on TV the other day and I was reminded just how mediocre The Temple of Doom was/is. That gives me zero confidence in the latest entry – especially considering the advertising has been so bland in my mind.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky. But coming from someone who actually enjoyed the Star Wars prequels, the idea of a long overdue sequel just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

8 thoughts on “Am I the only one?”

  1. I am totally with you on that. We have not yet seen it, although Mike is very interested in it. We just didn’t get out last weekend. I have NOT motivation. Although, I didn’t love the first three (okay, 3 was really good, but I’m no die hard fan or anything).

  2. no, it’s not you. The trailers are absolutely crappy. Horrible one might say. They make the movie look as exciting as the Indiana Jones Stage Show at MGM. It makes you wonder if the trailer is so terrible, how good can the movie be? It’s a really really short trailer too.

    I watched the LOTR and Star Wars trailers dozens of times before the movies came out. I never read the LOTR books, so I wasn’t predisposed to want to see Tolkein movies or anything…

  3. I’m curious to see what they did with it; it has that feeling of a “forced sequel” where they try desperately to get back to whatever worked last time, and I’ve learned to dread that feeling ever since The Whole Ten Yards.

    Seeing as how he fires an RPG from the cab of a moving truck at a tank blocking the road, I’d hope they just said “F it” and went with whatever they thought would be fun to shoot. Unfortunately the reviews make it sound like they tried waaaay to hard to make this something it couldn’t possibly be.

  4. Saw it this last weekend and even enjoyed it. I’ll agree with Kurt and rank it better than Doom*, but not as good as Raiders or Crusade. Definitely not perfect, but a fun ride, which was about all I’d ever chalked the Indiana Jones movies to be in the first place.

    Shia wasn’t bad — but then, all I’ve seen him in was Transformers, so it wasn’t terribly hard for him to do better than that piece of dreck.

    * With the caveat that while I find Doom to be the worst of the series, I still hold that it has one of the best opening sequences ever (from the Paramount logo to the raft drifting to a stop at the feet of the Indian guy).

  5. I would like to see it, but I’m not salivating at the mouth for it in the same way I was for say, The Simpsons Movie, or Control.

  6. I went to see it because I’m just a big fan of the Indy series, the good, bad, and ugly. I didn’t expect great lines and did expect some sappy and trite ones, and was not disappointed with these expectations in place. Of course the action and chase scenes were not physically possible in real life, but then again, we don’t go to Indy movies expecting realism. Considering the underlying plot of this one, if you expected realism, you would be sorely disappointed. But I considered it a fun ride and a better ticket than, say, Leatherheads, which was a real dog and a waste of money in my opinion.

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