A sneak preview

The work around the house should be coming to a close this weekend. Believe it or not, but photos will follow shortly. In the meantime I wanted to give people a preview of the new look for our kitchen:

The new kitchen

And, of course, the theme for the nursery:

The new nursery

It’s hard to believe that after 2 years this house is truly coming together…

3 thoughts on “A sneak preview”

  1. i forget – did you buy new cabinets or did you paint? curt and i are working on our kitchen this weekend and we are painting them. we need new hardware and we haven’t found any we like yet. we’re attempting to distress/weather the cabinets on top of painting/waincoting the walls. curt also thinks we should redo the bathroom, closet and landscape today. Considering he didn’t get up until 11 i’m not sure he knows how many hours are in the day.

  2. @kristen – Thanks. Now we’re up to .7% complete!

    @Kathleen – We bought new ones. Our old ones weren’t even really cabinets – they were sticky shelves with flimsy doors on front. As you can see, the initial cuteness wore off awhile ago. You guys actually have a decent setup for a kitchen, so refinishing/painting them makes sense.

    I would have figured that by now you would be like all homeowners and realize that projects take 50 times longer than you expect no matter how well you prepare.

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