One month

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the actual 1 month mark for my baby girl. Although we are closer to 1 month and 12 hours at this point. Regardless, it’s just an excuse to post another wonderful photo of our bundle of joy.

1 month old

That is probably the best shot out of a group we took featuring an adorable outfit provided by a co-worker. Next time I want to do some of these outside. Normally I am totally opposed to these overly cutesy photo ops, but now that she’s my baby glamor shots may become par for the course.

10 thoughts on “One month”

  1. I believe this may very well be the earliest expression of bershon in a child (read the 3rd paragraph). Oddly enough, I’ve probably taken fewer photos than most people would expect – but that’s still 3-4 times as many as normal people.

  2. Taking a lot of photos is really important. We were so upset about the harness that Davey was in we took almost no photos between 1 and 2 months because we didn’t like looking at him in the thing, so we figured we wouldn’t want to remember it. Now I feel like we missed so much and I feel bad for ever caring. (Although I do still feel sad when I see a picture of it so maybe I was a little right.)

    Also, we took video of Christmas morning, and didn’t realize until later that because of that we took no photographs.

    Anyway the more pictures the better.

  3. You know, your sisters waited until you were old enough to say no before they started dressing you up in costumes for photo shoots!

  4. one month and already staring straight out into the world with those peepers… the kid’s got a bright future of observing and acting.

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