Welcome back my friends…

So… um… hey. How’s it going? Geez, this is awkward. Yeah, I’ve been a tad busy. All those big time bloggers that suddenly disappeared for long periods once they had a kid? Sorry for making fun of you. It appears that having a baby takes up a lot of one’s time. I mean a LOT of one’s time. Alright, I mean ALL of one’s time.

But I’m not packing it in. I just need to relearn how to operate this blog and… type. Yeah, I gotta remember how to type words and stuff. Maybe even try to be coherent. Then again, that was probably never my strong suit so let’s just focus on get some semblance of the English language up on the web. That would put me one step ahead of a typical Youtube comment.

It’s about time that I get back on the proverbial horse, so here I am. And I’m trying to tidy things up while I’m at it. In case you hadn’t noticed (and why should you) I changed the color theme to a lighter, more friendly one. It’s still the same, lovely Fauna from Joen, but the dark version of it was making me a tad depressed so I switched.

You may have also notice that I joined the Twitter revolution… 2 years after the fact. I am incredibly difficult to find, unless you know my name or look at the sidebar 2 inches to your right (assuming you’re reading this on my website and not in a feed reader). I have no intentions of putting my witty and insightful Twitter comments in summary blog posts (or the bland and mundane ones for that matter), so you’ll either have to follow me or hit refresh on the main page every couple of days to get my instantaneous LOL response to someone else’s comments… ain’t Web 2.0 exciting?

The links on the sidebar are also slowly being updated. Two of my favorite blogs of late have finally been added – jonsonblog and Man vs. Clown! I have no idea how I came upon either of them and they both tend to fall on the crude or disturbing side of humor; yet jonson may have the most adorable daughter not to come from my own loins and Peter has left me wondering what to do when you end a sentence with a title that ends in an exclamation point…

Also I started reading Ken Jenning’s blog, because he’s witty, funny and won a lot of money on a real game show.

Believe it or not, I expect to post even more these days. That’s helped by the fact that I’m taking more vacation days and not accomplishing anything except learning the rest of the lyrics to “Beyond the Sea” in order to sing Kayleigh to sleep. Welcome back, indeed.

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