I had a post in mind this morning as Kayleigh slept in my arms. It was going to talk about how quickly she’s changing and there’s so much I already miss. But that can wait, because something far more important arose.

As I was getting dressed for the day, and Kayleigh was in her mother’s arms, she looked over at me and said, “Da-Da.” She then smiled her unbelievably adorable smile and reached her arms out for me. And then I nearly cried.

The question often comes up, “Do you feel like a dad?” But the answer doesn’t really matter anymore, because the only person that really matters – my baby girl – let me know that I am not just a dad, I’m her Dad.

Kayleigh and Da-Da

This may just be the awesomest day ever…

10 thoughts on “Da-Da”

  1. That is the cutest picture! Congratulations, dada. You’re now firmly wrapped around her little finger, as only a father can be with his daughter.

  2. Very cute and touching. But maybe those faces you’re making at her are what make her scared of me!! So tone it down a bit for my next visit.

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