The end of year one

Exactly one year ago at this time my wife started to feel real contractions. We wouldn’t head to the hospital until the next afternoon, and Kayleigh wouldn’t make her appearance until the following day. But it all started on this night.

I’m amazed to realize that a full year has gone by. I had a lot more plans to make regular updates over the course of these twelve months, but a funny thing happened on the way: I fell in love. It’s true. I’d rather sit on the floor and watch her bang two random toys together in a nonsensical way than to sit at the computer and post about it. And let’s face it, just how exciting are those “she pooped a lot today” or “we started feeding her solids, so her poop is not as watery” or “Kayleigh’s poop is a different color than usual, should I be worried?” entries?

Alright, it had more to do with laziness and exhaustion. It would have been wonderful to have a collection of posts detailing her daily changes to enjoy years from now. Instead I’ll just have to rely on The Woman’s journal and the 10,000 photos that were taken…

Expect some year end summaries to grace this site over the next few days. Maybe then I’ll be able to turn this into a regular pattern…

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