Waffle Day!

Kayleigh is getting smarter everyday. Not too surprisingly, she’s already figuring ways to out smart her old man. This morning after walking her to the tub so she could throw all of her toys in and then ask for them back one by one… suddenly that sounds like she’s already outsmarted me… Anyway she looks up at me and says, “Waffles.” Not sure why I ask, “Waffles?” to which she replies, “OK” and happily starts guiding me to the kitchen to make her breakfast.

Yes, it became a “Waffle Day” as Kayleigh proclaims any day that involves said dish. Honestly I’m not sure if she loves waffles that much or if it just happens to be the most fun breakfast word next to banana (depending on the number of a’s and n’s she decides to use). Although she did insist on kissing the frozen waffle, the box it came from, and a couple bananas – something never requested when a big bowl of oatmeal is served.

Someday I hope she’ll kiss me as readily as she does most inanimate objects in the house.