Sure… why not?

Call it delusions of grandeur… call it gluttony for punishment… call it whatever you like, I’m going to try my hand at NaBloPoMo again. That’s National Blog Posting Month for those of you with lives.

Since I first failed miserably at this a couple years ago, they’ve changed it to a monthly thing that encourages people to fill the Internet with mindless drivel about what they had for lunch on a daily basis (torilla-encrusted fish-based product for those wondering), but November remains the “official” month.

The real trick will be pushing myself to post earlier in the day. These late night “brainstorming” sessions go no where very slowly. The other trick will be to come up with things to actually write about. But we all know content is purely optional when it comes to the self-indulgence of personal blogging.

This time I even remembered to submit this site for their blogroll – it should now be listed under “general” because “meandering” wasn’t an option. Perhaps the potential threat of random strangers being directed here will be enough to keep me posting. Or perhaps it will simply be enough to make me finally get rid of the CSS that puts those silly blue borders around my photos…