Weekend update

What is it with the Internet and weekends? I’ve noticed for sometime now that once the work week ends, posts, status updates, tweets, links, etc. all begin to run dry. Sure seems like, despite recommendations to the contrary, a lot of people still tie their personal Internet connectivity to their jobs. Tsk! Tsk!

Of course that would be better for me than writing this late… Holy cow! It’s not even 10 PM! How’d that happen? The past couple of weeks have been pretty rough in the parenting department. The wee lil’ one had lost interest in sleeping through the night and continued to turn her nose up at the concept of napping. Thus our past week or so has been dedicated to correcting this most inconvenient behavior. After briefly discussing and even more briefly testing a few suggestions, we’ve finally settled back into our old routine with just a tad more parental strength in an attempt to reclaim our past success. So far it’s been decent – although the promise of a regular nap over 1 hour long continues to elude us…

Still, it chipped away at my sanity and free time which is why I, once again, have failed at NaBloPoMo. But even with all of these distractions, I’m only a few posts behind my pace in 2007 and have written way more in a 3 week span than almost any 3 month span in the past couple of years. Now if only I could convince people to read it…

One thought on “Weekend update”

  1. Hi Thom,
    Found you from FB, and just wanted to let you know I’m reading. Kayleigh’s adorable and I can always use another baby brag blog in my daily (or weekly) reading 🙂
    I don’t tend to blog much on weekends either, but it’s more because that’s our family time. That’s not to say that my blogging during the week *isn’t* decreasing my productivity though. If I’m forced to choose between blogging and folding laundry… well, there’s not much of a contest.
    Good to ‘see’ you again 🙂
    Jodi Young (nee Gilbert)

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