Why would you want to live there?

Why the hell would you call your town Darkness Falls? I mean, why not just call it Bad Town, Murder City, or Evilville? I try to ignore simple problems with most movies – you can shoot holes in any plot, especially horror flics – but sometimes you just have to say “What is wrong with these people?!?!” You live in a creepy town with a twisted name and some demented old history complete with a curse. So what do you do? You buy a house with a mile long hallway and very few lights – which you don’t bother turning on to check for monsters. Ok, maybe that last part is a little more acceptable, but if I ever have kids I’m gonna make full-blown monster protection suits and have proper procedures for checking their rooms. I sure as hell don’t want to be the parent who ends up finding out that the monster under my kid’s bed is the one that’s actually real.

And one more thing – you live in Darkness Falls? Get a damn backup generator!! I’ve never seen a town that has more electricity problems (or sells so many crappy flashlights). Makes me wonder what kind of problems they have in Buttzville, NJ…

“Get out from under the bed, there’s nothing to worry about.” (Growl) (Screech) “OK, let’s stay under the bed.”
– Emma Caulfield, Darkness Falls