Mmmm, Rosemont Shiraz. It’s my favorite wine. Last night after watching Bowling for Columbine at the park (which should be a separate post), Lisa, Mike, and I convinced a friend to come back for a glass of wine and some chit-chat. The fact that I had an open bottle of the afforementioned varietal was more than enough to convince her. Even better yet, she mentioned that the A&P was having a sale on it, so I was able to pick up a few bottles at $7.99 each. That’s a real bargain, and certainly made my day.

Of course the more interesting fun fact is that our friend was/is an actress. So we looked her up on IMDb, but failed to find much info. After a tad more probing my roommate managed to find a web site with an actual gallery of her pictures. I heart the Internet. (Note: I removed the actual references to our friend’s name and the links because Lisa felt that it was not a good idea to post it.)

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  1. For the three people that read this blog, Mike/the roommate are the same person.

    That person…is me. Just thought I’d clarify 🙂

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