In case anyone hadn’t figured out by now – I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A! They have chicken nuggets there that could rival the greatest chef’s work out of Paris. he is a freak (that was Lisa, and she initially called me a “frek” – I’ll have to research what that might mean). I’m serious, if I could eat just one food for the rest of my life it would be the #4 with a 12 pack and Dr. Pepper. they are very yummy (guess who…). Anywho, their website rocks! And I just found out that they have the coolest feature I’ve ever seen – a Trip Planner. That’s right, you put in your start and finish locations and it tells you, not only how to get there, but where there are Chick-fil-A’s along the way. This is how I’ll be planning all of my trips from now on!