What’s up with Montclair?

So a bunch of us helped my friends Ivy and Maricio move into their new house in Montclair on Saturday. It wasn’t that bad – a very nice day outside. We even got to see this rare sun thing (I don’t know the proper term) that’s like a rainbow reflected off of clouds. You see 2 rainbow-like bands (one big and one small) that color different clouds (normally you’ll only actually see one of them). It only took us three trips with the U-Haul to get pretty much everything moved. I missed the first trip, but made up for that with my participation in the last load involving a refrigerator, ATV, motorcycle, and the motorcycle’s engine!

Just when everything seemed cool and Ivy was finally beginning to relax she got a serious jolt back to the crappy nature of reality. Her car was stolen the very first night. Right in front of their house. That sucks. I can only offer my condolensces and wish her the best. I’m sure she’ll get thru this, but it’s just something so… outrageous. I really am such the wordsmith. Next time I’ll just make up a word.