Site updates

How quickly I get bored. I was very excited about this layout when I first completed it, but it’s already grown tiresome to me. The more I surf various sites, the more I see well put-together designs that make me despise my own. I hope to work on it some tonight before the game. My to-do list goes something like this:

  1. Modify color scheme and layout to account for my ever changing taste.
  2. Finish style-sheet to account for all elements on the site.
  3. Add new link categories and add all appropriate sites.
  4. Decide on a (somewhat) permanent name for the site (“indieb0i rantings” was too hackneyed, “indieb0i prattle” didn’t sound good, and the jury is still out on just leaving it “”)
  5. Re-write the About me! page and give it a good name.
  6. Update my gallery like crazy!

And I think that’s everything.