Thank you Eagles! I mean, I almost got my hopes up that you would fulfill your fans wishes this year and actually live up to your potential, but instead you’re being shut out in the first game at the new stadium. Well, let me just say a big FUCK YOU to all you players and coaches. You could have won this game, but you just don’t care enough. Just like the NFC Championship Game last year, you collect your paychecks and really don’t give a shit about the fans. Sadly, the only player that seems to really give anything to the game is Duce, the guy we all hate for holding out this preseason. I’m pissed at him for that, but during the playoffs and this first game, he’s the only one that’s truly shown heart in the game.

At this point I’ve truly lost interest in them. I’m not sure if I’ll recover. As far as I’m concerned, this whole season is a joke for the Eagles, and none of them (save Duce) gives a crap as long as they get their paycheck. Thanks Andy Reid and Jim Johnson, for proving that no matter what great coaches you can be, you’ll still screw up the important games because you’re afraid to play the real game. Hey, but what’s it matter to me? I mean, I’m just the guy who threw a tantrum halfway thru the Championship game and refused to leave my bed the rest of the day. It’s not like it affects me. I’m sick of it, and I really don’t see myself watching the Patriots game next week. It would be funny if they embarassed the Eagles next week, maybe shut them out again. They’re obviously not interested in playing any real football.

Fuck the Eagles, I really don’t care anymore… for now…