De La Hoya was robbed

I can’t believe I’m actually posting about this. When I have so much else to talk about, I’m actually going to bitch about the horrendous scoring of the De La Hoya/Mosley fight. Normally I wouldn’t even know what was going on, but Lisa and I went to see the fight on Pay-Per-View at a friend’s house (actually, neither of us even knew Bob until last night – he’s the boyfriend of a friend). I don’t follow boxing. I don’t even like the idea of it. As it got later we even planned on leaving before it started. But once I got sucked in I had to watch the whole bout. De La Hoya dominated Mosley for at least 7 rounds last night. In the other 5, he was clearly beaten by Mosley in 3, and about even in the other 2. And yet it was a unanimous decision in favor of Mosley. Everybody at the party was shocked, and even the commentators (who scored a clear victory for Oscar), were in disbelief. George Foreman went so far as talking about a conspiracy against Bob Arum (De La Hoya’s promoter). Arum then claimed he was out of the business, and that “boxing is the garbage can of sports.” The worst part of the whole ordeal – every other sports site is acting like there was no problem with the decision. On top of that, I should be celebrating Michigan’s utter destruction of the Irish – not whining about boxing.