Teddy and Jessie

So I’ve been taking care of a friend’s Guinea Pigs for the past few days. They are so absolutely adorable it hurts. Last night they were very noisy, so I put them both in my lap and I swear they were ready to curl up and go to sleep right there. But now I’ve been doing all sorts of reading on the Internet about how to take care of them. Much to my dismay, it turns out that the fancy cedar chip bedding I bought for them may be doing more harm than good! I’m now using a combination of some of that bedding along with lots of shredded newspaper. When it comes down to it, they’re very dirty animals so you have to put effort into keeping them clean. But they are sooooo lovable. Anywho, here are some useful links that I found:

Teddy and Jessie are just wonderful, and even if I have to give them back, I may just get my own.

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